Graphic Exploration: A Work in Progress…

This project is one that is near and dear to my heart. This is a small family Jamaican spot in East New York Brooklyn. Though the graphic language here is incomplete, it’s all about the process, the growth, and changes. The next steps in this design phase is to figure out how to give this brand character that aligns to the objective of the business, which is culture, community and family. Aside from taking responsibility for the visual and social aspect of this brand, there is also the role of strategy. How to grow the brand/ business, as times change the brand needs to grow alongside with it. As a strategy the idea/opportunity have also raised to collaborate with community leaders and non-profits in the near by area that have been in support of this business, like “Made in Brownsville”, for example. Being able to find and have those connections will be beneficial to keep the community strong as gentrification is beginning to overtake the Brownsville area.

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