BE FREE: Variation

With the BE FREE project this is an color way iteration, exploring how the logo may look with different colors featured in the design with also staying on brand. 


Ive been learning the beauty of typeography and learning to appreciate it as I’m noticing how things like the curve in the letters or kerning between each subject can create a different feel or mood, doing something different each time. 

Illustrating Games

This was a challenge given to myself to excersise my illustrator skill and utilizing the pen tool. Within my time in the course I wanted to practice my skills in the adobe cloud. With Illustrator being one of those things I was able to discover new tools within the program. 

BE FREE merch

Be Free is a part of the movement to uplift our community, acknowledging that no matter the set backs and the down falls that we will overcome all our struggles. 

Treats of Art

This is my exploration of branding for a treats business that I had started. I began this to be able to explore branding and experiment the digital aspect of photography and learning to be resourceful. Because of my lack of equipment like a professional camera, a studio space, or a team to do full blown product shoots, I set up these images and used props and backgrounds in my room at home, using my iphone to take these images. I enjoyed exploring creativity and being able to put together an experience that can allow my user/ consumer to be visually enticed.

Self Love: Myasia Raymond


Artist: Myasia Raymond

This is a project worked on by a close friend of mine, whom is drawing attention to self love and body positivity. It is a topic that we often bring up towards each other, encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves, and learning to be comfortable in our own skin. So for her to produce this piece felt very powerful to me.

Be Free: Can’t Hold The Ghetto Youth Down

This project is a collaboration with a creative by the name of Jodi Summers, whom of which is the creator of the “Be Free” project. This is a brand/movement meant to address different issues thats seen present in our communities.

This logo iteration was based on the baseline brand attributes of change and growth, “Can’t Hold The Ghetto Youth Down”, is the movement speaking to the systematic differences thats imposed on young people of color. Speaking to the fact that no matter which side of the glass wall we are on, we won’t stopped, gridlocked, or held down, we will always come together to persevere.