Pitkin Caribbean Bakery

Pitkin Caribbean Bakery is a small family business in East New York Brooklyn, which is a restaurant and bakery, providing cooked food and baked goods.

Food App Concept 

The functions of this app would be to make quicker orders online orders to help cut down your wait time, knowing whats currently available, view overall menu, feature daily specials, make catering orders, ability to leave reviews and questions, and using coupon like deals.


The over-arching brand identity of this business is to be able to capture the essence of culture, community and family. These ideas would remain consistent across all platforms including the apps archetype, social media (Instagram), and the experiential design of the in-store layout.

Red Routes

The red route is the intended goal of the app, identifying the main use or functions of the app.

  • Placing a food order ( Lunch & Catering)
  • Viewing daily food specials
  • Getting special discounts (Coupon deals)

Sorting Cards 

The purpose of these sorting cards was to be able to understand how the app will be separated and organized.

The apparent organizational method of my card sorting is that the product is separated by lunch/dinner entrees, breakfast, drinks, sides, and baked goods and etc..

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototyping is a technique that consists of creating hand drawings of user interfaces in order to enable them to be rapidly designed, simulated and tested.