Graphic Exploration: A Work in Progress…

This project is one that is near and dear to my heart. This is a small family Jamaican spot in East New York Brooklyn. Though the graphic language here is incomplete, it’s all about the process, the growth, and changes. The next steps in this design phase is to figure out how to give this brand character that aligns to the objective of the business, which is culture, community and family. Aside from taking responsibility for the visual and social aspect of this brand, there is also the role of strategy. How to grow the brand/ business, as times change the brand needs to grow alongside with it. As a strategy the idea/opportunity have also raised to collaborate with community leaders and non-profits in the near by area that have been in support of this business, like “Made in Brownsville”, for example. Being able to find and have those connections will be beneficial to keep the community strong as gentrification is beginning to overtake the Brownsville area.

Would You Consider This a Film?

I would consider, “Boogle Doodle”, by Norman McLaren a film because depending on the perspective of the viewer it has a story line. A message. A purpose. Something for the reader to give into. Although it didn’t consist of verbal conversation, or human characters or actors, this film did provide a visual moving story. And I think that’s the baseline of what any film requires. They utilized music audio to help set a tone.

The message and purpose that I myself as the viewer was able to grasp from this film was basically evolution. The processes and changes of life. The never ending chase. The film creator was able to depict the beauty of the chase of love, life and evolution.  He did this through his use of audio, color and graphics.

The Vision of a Younger BERC

I envision art as a form of self expression. I way to express and challenge the way you see the world. To create art in a opportunity re-create the world, yourself, ideology, and the way you see everything around you. It’s a way to reach out to people to try to create change in a society.

The clothes that you put on your back daily should be the very things that has the ability to cloak you with happiness and pride. Your clothes, style. etc.. should be able to express the inner you without the discretion of others. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get dressed for a regular day and have pride and self love fill their hearts as they walk out their house.

Not only as a female of color but as a female it’s as if there are all these guidelines to dressing yourself, and rules to how a woman should dress. Which are guidelines that have been stitched into our way of thought since birth. Every woman, Every human being, has the right to carry themselves as they please. Only if everyone had as much self confidence to be their inner rainbow, people will be so much happier.

-I want to be able to create designs that will give people a helping hand in finding their inner rainbow.

-Be able to use all my other art forms  to see things from a different lens

-Be able to educate myself


  • “We can train ourselves to respect our feelings and to transpose them into a language so they can be shared.”
  • “As they become known to and accepted by us, our feelings and the honest exploration of them become sanctuaries and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring of ideas.”
  • “We do not define ourselves for ourselves, we will be defined by others- for their use and to our detriment”
  • “It was fearing that if we took the next step the voyage itself would take a life of its own and drag us along with it”
  • “Many of our fears are justified”


CT101 ReCap

In this ct101 course, this semester, I learned about claiming a domain, wordpress, and a bunch of cool photoshop skills that I could use to apply to projects and tasks. 

I believe I could earn a B+ or an A for this class because of the amount of work I put into the construction and ideation of my site. What I did to pull all of my creative work to essentially accomplishing my goal to create an experience of process and growth. My site is an extension of myself. 

With intended future maintenance of this site, it would display and give me an opportunity to work on my writing skills, and building skills on my familiarity with the adobe cloud which is a major goal of mine. You would be able to view and identify growth and process in how I would critique art works creating my own point of view, how I grow as a person through soon posting writing pieces and how I grow and the process in project management, as you’ll be able to see the in-between steps of my design and creative projects, instead of only seeing an end product. 

Then this process and maintenance will be how I would apply it to the real world, it could act as a unrefined holding place for my portfolio, when looking for an industry job it can show my process to the end product. 

A Letter to my younger self : Poem

I come from a cup of blood half full.

From a father that made happenings

Begin with nothings

A time, where he did haffi scrub his

Foot bottom pon stone back.

Big up di man

That invented ripped jeans

And wore them until

The thread couldn’t bandage broken wounds any more.

I get it now.

His wounds built my bones

Tears mounted to oceans

Taught me how to swim .

His hunger gave me feasts.

From a father that made happenings

begin with nothings.

My struggles are no dead language

I’m from time,

Where the words “Deal with it”

Waltzed across

Chewed at the name Elizabeth.

Threw stones at the name Breanna

Because it was never the right time

For this black girl to be “self-centered”

I’m from a time,

Where girls are shamed for the hair on their head

Mama: Poem

Mother have my tree roots

Flooding stories from her scalp.

Planted, in a warzone,

Was told it was harmless murder

Choked on shoveled water

Bounded to the devil

Beneath my feet

Slept in feathered silence

With railroad tracks

Being built against my spine.

Mothers crimson chin

Hushed bullets  to sleep,

Tapped tears from deserts.

When strange men

Wanted to love me

Took arrows to the head

Shooting down dying secrets

Barbed wire holding

Captive to my throat


This is a old documentary style video that I shot and edited in Adobe Premiere that I did interviewing people around me discussing College Debt.

Positive Vibrations: Episode 1

This was a old attempt of a video series that I thought about starting. To shoot this I used a Canon Camera, and edited the video in Adobe Premiere, as this was my goal to learn the Adobe Cloud. 

This video series featured young NYC creative youth as they were prompted to answer a series of questions. 

Artist Feature: LFN

LFN aka Lady Fancy Nails aka Eda Midori, Who is also one of my mentors is a nail artist in the creative industry, who has worked with top brands like Chromat, Teflar Global, Nike, ETC… 

This is a itteration of graphic language that I had designed as a practice in using the pen tool in Illustrator. 


This talent development agency that I’ve worked closely with have helped groom and prepare me for the industry. The founders, who have also acted as my mentors have helped to set me up with the tools to success and are now intending on doing so for other underrepresented youth in NYC.