This blog hosting BERCstudio is documenting the progress of project and tasks, through a series of visual representation and with thorough analysis of the process and steps that were taken to get the end product, as well as general blog posts, opinions, updates and challenges.

B.E.R.Cstudio is a New York City creative house with a strong belief in the power of exploration and collaboration. B.E.R.C is working towards understanding the art of communication and story telling to implement that in language and composition by exploring design at different levels.

BERC is a 19 year old New York creative that provides services in ideation, strategy, content creation and etc. With being a student of, Preparatory Academy for Writers: A college board school, and graduating from High School of Fashion Industries with a CTE diploma in Fashion construction. She is now a student at CUNY York College majoring in Communications Technology where she intends in expanding her writing and design skillset to go into the industry as Art Director. While she is also putting these lessons to the test as she is slowly building two busniesses in different industries to help herself understand and experiment strategy.

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